The Love of God Project is a long term undertaking by a team of believers joined together in a single purpose: educating the Body of Messiah about the love of God. Our desire is for every believer to come to deeply and personally know the love of the Messiah, and be enabled to effectively pass it on to the world. We believe that we have received a mandate to help serve this purpose. To this end, we are developing materials which will teach, train, inspire, challenge, edify, and aid individual believers from every stratum of life, and in every aspect of ministry.

As the Project has developed, the Lord has continued to link us with other believers with similar hearts. We welcome others who have experienced the love of God and want to help in releasing it, to join with us in developing materials. We welcome those with intercessory callings to pray for the ongoing development of the project. We welcome those with financial and material resources who would like to sow into this project. We also welcome those with questions and those who desire further interaction about the awesome love of God.

In 2012 the Love of God Project became a related ministry to Tikkun. We are partnering with them for the Restoration of God’s purposes in the Body of the Messiah, Israel and the Jewish people, and the nations.