In this age of lightweight, pop gospel preaching and teaching, it is refreshing to the soul to have a serious, heavyweight, Word-saturated book focused on such a critical subject. All of us need a greater revelation of God’s love, and this essential book provides a rich resource full of edifying, life-changing truth. Dr. Michael L. Brown, President, FIRE School of Ministry

I have ministered the Father’s love in sermons, prayers and seminars. I have used the books, tapes, and CDs available. Yet, I always found myself disagreeing with some of the teaching that is extant. However, when I read David Harwood’s material and then had him teach seminars on this for our network, I found the most profoundaccurate and impacting presentation in the field. … Dr. Daniel C. Juster, Director of Tikkun International

God’s True Love unveils the love of God in a way that can help lead the reader to transformational understandings of self, God, and others. Receptive hearts will be inspired to abide in the love of God more fully, share the unfathomable quality of the personal love of God, and see the value of the people around them with new eyes. It presents an uncompromising interpretation of God’s radically specific love for humanity. God’s True Love zeros in on the love of God in thought provoking ways that often challenge commonly accepted perspectives. This material is the perfect aid for those who desire to journey into the deeper depths, higher heights, and abounding breadth of the measureless love of God. Elita Barnhart, MSW, MDiv

David Harwood is a deeply spiritual man with great character and an excellent ability to teach.   His book on the love of God is one of the most insightful books I have read in the last 10 years. With no reservation at all I recommend him and his ministry to the wider body of Christ. Lance Pittluck, Western Regional Director of the Vineyard USA

As a shepherd of a Messianic Synagogue for 30 years I’ve read, heard, and taught much on the love of God.  Central to the core of the Bible’s redemptive message is the truth of God’s love.  Having Pastor David Harwood come and teach his timely seminar on the love of God was a great decision that brought insight and encouragement to our people.  I found the seminar to be fresh and innovative, inspiring and thought provoking, while at the same time providing a sound theological framework.  I am most grateful to the God of Israel for giving his servant David Harwood such riches from His word that many could be brought near. Frank Lowinger, Congregation B’rith Hadoshah, Bufalo

I highly recommend God’s True Love as a congregational Bible Study.  It is perfect for a spring or fall adult learning segment.  …  I encourage other pastors to add this to their adult study curriculum.  Father Michael Paciello, Charismatic Episcopal Church, Alabama

… introduces the reader to the passionate affections of God in a way that is both heartwarming and profound … a breath of fresh air for those of us who long to live out of the tender embrace of the Father’s love. I highly recommend this book! S. J. Hill, author of Enjoying God and Burning Desire

David’s writings on the Love of God are both timely and valuable. His insight into God’s word and his personal passion for the Lord Jesus fuel the fire that burns in this volume. I highly recommend it.” Robin McMillan, Pastor, Queen City Church, Charlotte

(I) read your book. It was one of the best I have read this year. I love it. Harold Eberle, author (2009)

As an adult educator and counselor, I’ve found that many believers have an experiential understanding of God’s love but lack a solid, Bible-based theology in which to ground that experience. By presenting such a theology in a systematic and thoughtprovoking way, God’s True Love offers believers a firm foundation in God’s love that will withstand the floods of life –  whether everyday trials, assaults of modern culture, or pitfalls of inadequate doctrine. In this much-needed revelatory teaching, David Harwood affirms there is nothing more profound than the love of God and, compellingly, leads us toward  apprehending the  fullness of that love. Dr. Lynn Swaner, LMHC, NCC, ACS

… the book could be used in the Sunday school classroom as well as small group ministry. … a useful tool for Biblical Counseling. … Harwood’s book cuts through the confusion and points a path to a true understanding of the love relationship God has with the Christian. Austin T. Kreutz, MA, Sr. Pastor Main Street Ministries, Reformed Church in America, Michigan

In almost three decades of ministry, I have not come across anyone who is able so clearly and powerfully to reveal God’s love from the Scriptures as David Harwood.  …I highly recommend God’s True Love for those who want to know the Father’s love more deeply.” Carl Kinbar, Director at The New School for Jewish Studies

… It’s really speaking to me. It actually amazes me, when I think about the importance of the Love of God and how there is actually very little Biblical teaching on the subject available for the Body… John Mark McMillan, worship leader, songwriter

I love your work. Leonard Jones, Worship Leader, Songwriter

I just finished your book and all I can say is, Wow! What a great book; best one I’ve read in a long time. A word from the Lord for His people. I’m hoping it’s volume one of a three or four volume series! Pastor Charles Simpson, Brooklyn Teen Challenge

Brother David’s ministry and book on God’s unconditional love is revolutionary to all those wanting to go deeper with their Savior! The revelation of God’s heart of love released to David will absolutely bring total liberty and joy to those seeking to know the fullness of that love for them. Bob Weiner, Weiner Ministries

(I) read your book today. Excellent unfolding of the relational journey of the Christian life. Great for discipleship programs, foundational teaching, renewal of faith journey and for correcting of poor teaching. Well done good and faithful servant! Rev. Michael R. Mandel, PEARUSA, Professor of Business, Housatonic Community College, Bridgeport, CT

… How often we look for the solution to some of our most difficult problems in the most complex places, and overlook the simple answer that is right before us! God’s True Love brings us back to the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ by clarifying the all-encompassing nature of Gods love. David takes the time to correct the inadequate understanding we have accepted and keeps it practical, so that we can apply God’s love to ourselves and others in a life changing way. Our devotional life will also be refreshed as we move away from what has become an antiseptic definition of God’s love. God’s love encompasses every aspect of His nature and is passionately focused on redeeming a people for His own possession who will worship and enjoy Him for all eternity. I heartily recommend this book to everyone. Frank Howell, Co-Pastor, Farmingdale Christian Church

The Wagner Leadership Institute seminar (David) conducted was theologically sound, scripturally based and inspiring to those in attendance.  Many commented that this seminar was among the very best they had been part of in several years. … I can say without reservation that the David Harwood’s seminar gave the best depiction of the heart of Father God, our Messiah Jesus and Holy Spirit ministry of agape love that I have encountered. You, the body of Christ in your region and your ministry would be well served to have him visit you in person or at least in the form of the book, God’s True Love, along with the many other resources that accompany the Love of God Project. Randall Baker, New York State Coordinator, HAPN, USRPN

Your message on the love of God was the best I have ever heard and at least for me and I believe for our church it has provided an opening against the religious spirit that is so stealthy and deceptive. Byron Wicker, Pastor, RiverLife, Mooresville, NC

I simply love the message you carry in your heart and fiber about the love of God.  There is no more important message for us to absorb into our being.  Our people were advantaged by your time with us.  Of course it needs to be repeated over and over. … Eitan Shishkoff, Tents of Mercy, Haifa

The Lord has given you some wonderful insights and I was personally, and continue to be, challenged and instructed by this understanding of God’s love. … I can also say that many in our fellowship were similarly touched. I am so thankful for the way people responded and took hold of this message. I believe that we will see fruits from this over the long term. It is the kind of thing that you need to come back to and revisit continually. David Lazarus, Beit Immanuel, Joppa.

“God’s True Love” by David Harwood has been a powerful tool in helping us lead young Israelis into a life changing understanding of God’s love. We deeply appreciate David’s deep and revelatory  understanding of this foundational aspect of God’s relationship with us and we strongly believe that all believers, whether young or old will be encouraged and enriched through the reading of this important book. Edward Santoro, Ahavat Yeshua; Revive Israel, Jerusalem

After participating in David Harwood’s seminar that we hosted at our church, I left with a renewed passion for a deeper revelation of God’s love for me. The Love of God Seminar and The Love of God Manual are tools that should be made available to every church in America. Although the Bible implies that it is impossible to fully understand the love of Christ for us (Eph 3:19), it is foundational if we desire to be filled with God’s fullness and power. This course is taught in such a way that it will have a profound affect on the unbeliever, on those who are ‘seasoned veterans’ in the Lord and everyone in between. Scott Volk, FIRE Church, Concord, NC

About Pastor David’s teaching ministry, we would say, without hesitation, that his messages can only be described as ‘mega-disarming paradigm bombs’-‘filet’ of the soul, mind & spirit. You won’t have to duck however, there’s plenty of ‘spiritual anesthesia’- you won’t even know what hit you until it’s over. Do not miss an encounter-you’ll never be the same!! Toni and Barry Feinman, Jezreel International, Albany, NY

I have had the privilege of knowing David Harwood for over 20 years and I recognize that the hallmark of David’s life is his passionate and relentless pursuit of the revelation of Father God’s love. Because he truly understands the love of his Abba, David is compelled to share this precious gift of God’s love with the rest of the body of Christ. When reading David’s book, “God’s True Love”, it doesn’t take long to realize that the author is a man who has spent countless hours of worship before the Throne, and in the study of the word of God.  This book expresses David’s gift to impart to others the breadth, length, depth, and height of God’s love. Reading his book and listening to him speak you can sense that God Himself is speaking. I highly recommend that you read this life-changing and heart-changing book. Gaspar Anastasi, Word of Life World Outreach, Fort Meyers, Florida

This book challenges the reader to examine his or her traditional ideas of what God really feels for his creation and take a long look at what the Bible really has to say about God’s emotions and human value.  Truly a compelling and life-changing book. David Herling, M.Div, English congregation pastor, House of the Lord, Flushing, NYC

“…these principles are life-changing, and we have been greatly blessed in experiencing this very in-depth teaching which comes from a place of revelation…” The Maoz prayer letter, Tel Aviv

“I’ve been teaching a lot lately and every time I feel that my talk is shaped by the materials you sent me one year ago.  Preaching on fasting at my home church?  It’s all about God’s love!  Speaking on ‘true worship’ at a student meeting at Case Western Reserve?  It’s all about God’s love! …  The LoGp has really impacted how I approach Scripture.” Julie Longacre,InterVarsity area director in Wooster, Ohio

I have known Pastor David Harwood for over 30 years. He is a passionate disciple of the Kingdom of God, whose life and ministry has been a personal blessing to me and my family. David is an articulate communicator, an anointed worship leader and a gifted author, whose heart of love for the Lord and His people, and his understanding of God’s love for us, is revealed in all of these aspects of his ministry. As a Jewish believer and leader, David has stood for the fulfillment of God’s present prophetic purposes for the maturity of the Body of Christ and for the restoration of the church’s Biblical relationship and responsibility to the Jewish people. He has a clear understanding of the “One New Man” and has endeavored to create a viable expression of that during his many years of pastoral ministry. I highly recommend his ministry. Dr. Howard Morgan, Howard Morgan Ministries

(Concerning God’s True Love) I love it. It casts out the demons of stupidity.  Andy Squyres, Worship Pastor, Songwriter, Texas

I have known Pastor David Harwood for over thirty years.  During that time I have found his friendship, ministry, and insight into the Scriptures to have been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration for me on a very personal level. Pastor Harwood is not only qualified academically to teach the Scriptures, but he also carries a personal revelation about the love of our Heavenly Father, which permeates his teaching ministry.  His understanding of God’s heart, purposes, and ways have often challenged me to seek the Lord on a deeper level. I can without reservation personally recommend David and his ministry.  For over three decades I have known him to be a faithful servant of God, loyal husband and father, and one of my most trusted and valued friends. Jim Hill, His Heart Missions, Argentina

David’s teaching ministry on God’s true love is a vital revelation for the body of Messiah in this hour. Especially for those desiring to return to their Biblical Jewish roots, I highly recommend gleaning from ‘The Love of God Project.’ This is the time when God is removing the veils from our eyes to see God as He really is in order to experience His glorious ,amazing, and life-changing love. Open hearts grasping the truth found in his book on ‘God’s True Love’ will be deeply touched and lives will be transformed. Michael Quinn, Founder of Resurrection Life Ministries

When I read David’s blogs and articles I am enlarged in my grasp of the Word. His tongue is the pen of a ready writer and his ink well is full of revelation and truth. Once I have read his work I am enriched in mind and heart. Leon van Rooyen D.Th, Global Ministries and Relief

There is a poignant song in “Fiddler on the Roof” where Tevye the main character sings to his wife Golde “ Do you love me?” Her response is “For 25 years I have washed your socks raised your kids cleaned your house” Tevye says “yes but do you love me? This is the question raised in David’s book on the love of God. In all that we do in our relationship with God do we love him? Do we understand what His love for us is? How can we love if our definition of His love is incomplete or flat out wrong? David has presented to us through his experience and his clear understanding of the scriptures the foundational truth of the anointing in the love God has for us. This truth is one we all must have to walk in the fullness God desires for us in our relationship with him. New and seasoned believers will both profit from David’s revelatory teaching. I highly recommend this as a must read and encourage you to invite David in to do a seminar for your local body. Joan Masterson, Founder One in Messiah Ministries.

The students and I love the book!!! They say it’s eye opening, awesome and wonderful. It really speaks to them and impacts them. We will definitely continue to use the book. It’s foundational. Daniel Joustra, FIRE Netherlands

My friends really like it… Benjamin Harwood, Nyack