God's True Love

In the early 1990’s I received a specific spiritual strengthening to grasp the love of God in Jesus. Along with this came revelation about the nature of God’s love. Not content with intuitive experience I studied this topic. Along with a greater understanding of the Scriptures came more interaction with the Lord, strengthening and maintaining what I received. Not only that, but I felt like I couldn’t keep it to myself. Since 2004 I’ve been teaching about God’s love systematically in classes, conferences and seminars. The Lord brought strategic people to work with me. He also inspired patrons to help us develop materials to spread this good news about the nature of God’s love. You can find out more about this ministry at loveofGodproject.org You can see the reflection of what we’ve received in how we view God, one another and our neighbors. Please check out our blog on this website for some articles. Also, this ministry has a book, “God’s True Love”, which we make available as well as other valuable resource. Click below to purchase the book.
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Introducing the all new Love of God Video Series!

David’s book God’s True Love and his corresponding seminar have been put together in a new video series, designed for small groups or individuals. This video curriculum presents key aspects of the teaching contained in David’s book. It invites the participant to study the Scriptures to discover something of the “breadth, length, height and depth” (Ephesians 3:18) of God’s love.