Feedback from God’s Love course, FIRE School, Manhattan, 2004

The first time I had ample time to teach from the Scriptures on God’s love was in Manhattan in 2004. I was looking through some old files and came across this feedback from some students. I am grateful for their encouragement.

David helped us on a song from Lindsey’s children’s CD. Lesley illustrated our coloring book. Kasia helped with translating it and helped us with the Polish and Russian versions. To this day others are reaping the benefits of this course through their contributions. I am grateful.

Amy Joy Banuchi

“The love of God class should be a requirement for FIRE. It is so needed. I’m grateful to Pastor Harwood for taking an interest in my life – he would at times ask me how I was doing – it meant a lot to me.”

Nelson Banuchi

“Again, great class, great insights; should be a FIRE class for all 1st trimester students on a regular basis. Clears up a lot of nonsense about what God’s love really is. It should be a required FIRE class!!”

Matt Davis

“Very powerful and life changing class!”

Albert Fiol

“Life-changing, revelatory necessary in season. The instructor’s passion for this subject was contagious. I’m forever grateful.”

Nathan Hall

“The best class of the trimester. It was easy, yet it’s the class I learned the most in. I wish he was teaching it again! It was about impartation and experience, not stale book and teaching. WOW”

Lesley Hilton

“Hallelujah. A much-needed course. I am so glad we had this. I feel like we are really going to need this course for our lives in ministry. Knowing the love of God has been elevated in my life to the level of a commandment, or at least it’s a lot more important to me than it was. We got a deep feast of the love of God from this experience. I am so glad someone majored in this in order to give it to the Body.”

Freda King

“This class has had the greatest impact on my personal relationship and interaction with the Lord. The truth of His love (as it was taught and received) is now the foundation of my life and anything the Lord chooses for me in life will flow through this. I was searching for this truth and would have gone anywhere to receive. If for no other, you taught for me. Thank you. The class was taught with authority that experience gives. It was thorough. Handouts especially helpful. Again, something to me that had changed my life forever. Please know that your planting into our hearts has ever and will continue to be fruitful. Thank you. Also Is there a love of God part 2? (smile) Blessings.”

David Leitao

“This course caught me completely off guard! I was challenged to rethink the love of God and to meditate and be captivated by it. This an all in sum message for believers that I feel needs much more effort to grasp and walk in than we typically make effort. Please continue this course at FIRE!”

Michelle Mutanhu

“Class was awesome, messed up my theology. Personally I think it should be a required class for every FIRE student preferably in their 1st trimester.”

Kasia Mysliwiec

“Revolutionary! It’s something that I needed in order to set my foundation straight. I think this class is crucial for every believer, especially for those called to minister. Again, it’s foundational and transforming. It’s liberating because it focuses on the interior life of a believer. I also appreciated the heart of the teacher and his passion for us to get it. This class should be a requirement for every 1st year student at the school of ministry.”

Lindsey Quick

“WOW! My eyes are opened – so much about my understanding of Jesus, my life, love of God has been clearly and effectively changed renewed and awakened. It was like spiritual food, this class was the best yet. The love of God revelation and “fresh bread” were presented to us weekly. (Personal ministry time, led by the Spirit, was awesome too.)”

Ann-Marie Vaccaro

“Quite an impartation. God, let it stick and continue to grow in me. I appreciate the times we prayed – I saw a picture of a “wedge” being driven in – and I believe God did this in my heart.”